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Hot Oil Heater

VCP-F Series

VCP-F Series

11 types are available in different thermal heat duty levels from 350 kW (0.30 million kcal/hr) to 14,000 kW (12.00 million kcal/hr).
The latest model of high-efficiency hot oil heater packages

Features of VCP-F Series

User-oriented design with our thorough pursuit of flexibility, economy and safety

Lower NOx even in the furnace
Using a low-NOx burner will further reduce NOx

Compatible with Various Fuels

1. Standard gas fuels: 13A city gas, LPG, LNG
2. Standard liquid fuels: Kerosene, light oil, type A heavy oil, type C heavy oil
3. Premixed combustion of different fuels: Liquid-gas, gas-gas

High Thermal Efficiency

1. Standard thermal efficiency between 81% and 82% (at the heat transfer fluid outlet temperature of 300℃)
2. Adding a waste heat recovery system will make the system more economical.

Specifications By Product Model


Standard heat dutykW
×106 kcal/hr0.30.611.523
Max service temperature350
ax service pressureMPa(G)1.0
Standard flow ratem3/hr18366090120180
Applicable codeSmall boilersOnce through hot water boiler
Standard heat dutykW4,6506,9809,30011,60014,000
×106 kcal/hr4681012
Max service temperature350
Max service pressureMPa(G)1.0
Standard flow ratem3/hr240360480600720
Applicable codeOnce through hot water boiler
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