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Heat Transfer Media

Free heat-transfer-fluid analysis: a recommended service

We recommend that customers take our free heat-transfer-fluid analysis.

As part of our after-sales service plan, we provide free sample analyses of our heat-transfer fluids in use.
To safeguard the stable operation of the customer’s equipment, we recommend a yearly sample test to assess the deterioration of the heat-transfer fluid in use.

Free sample-analysis service

Process flow from “Request” to ”Analysis” ”Report”

1.Request for analysis of heat-transfer fluids in use

You can request a “Inquiry form.”
(Click to open a separate window).
Please feel freely to ask for the analysis.

2.Sampling your heat-transfer fluid in use

Please sample the heat-transfer fluid from a circulation line. The sampled portion should be typical of the fluid in its current state. (Note that sampling in the expansion tank or the level gauge may not necessarily give adequately representative samples). Caution: Never sample heat-transfer fluid when hot!

Please send the sample to the address indicated on the test application form.

3.Analysis of heat-transfer fluid

We analyze the sample.

4.Report on analysis results

We report the analysis results to you.

If anything about the report is unclear, please do not hesitate to ask questions.


Please feel free to contact us