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it is soken tecnix to realize best solution of

ST promises "Complete Satisfaction" with "Total Solution" techniques  ST provides you total solutions by fusing chemical plant engineering with maintenance techniques and equipment diagnosis procedures backed by unique heat-transfer technologies. Maintenance Original Unit Heat Transfer Fluids Plant Engineering Hot Oil Heater

Hot Oil Heater

ST Hot Oil Heater (=Heat Transfer Media Heater) is a customer-oriented product designed for thorough versatility, economic efficiency, and safety.

VCP-F series
VCP-N series

Heat Transfer Fluids

ST supplies heat transfer fluids (=heat transfer media) from -80°C to 600°C with sophisticated services.

To encourage analyzation of heat transfer fluids
History of SK-Oil

Plant Engineering

Among the plant engineering products from ST, its covering synthetic resins, pressure-sensitive adhesives, electronic materials, and resin vacuum impregnation equipment are particularly impressive.

Original Unit

ST's Original Products and Systems have been uniquely created at Soken Chemical's production site.


ST provides total solutions to maintenance problems based on wide-ranging techniques cultivated over many years.