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it is soken tecnix to realize best solution of

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Heat Transfer Media

Our heat-transfer fluids have been meeting all kinds of customer needs.

Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd. began producing its first domestic product, SK-OIL260, in 1952. Since then, it has contributed to the development of the world’s chemical industry with its heat-transfer heating and cooling systems.
Soken Tecnix Co., Ltd., the successor to Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.,in the business of heat-transfer heating and cooling systems, markets three outstanding heat-transfer fluids: 11 kinds of NeoSK-OIL and KSK-OIL.Soken Tecnix meets every kind of customer need.

Features of SK-OIL1. Excellent thermal stability up to 550℃
2. Excellent performance on the low-temperature side
(pour point -80℃ or less)
3. Non corrosive
4. No unpleasant odors
5. Technical services by experienced technical staff
(such as free analyses of heat-transfer fluid samples)

Optimal heat transfer fluids at different service temperatures

Product Introduction

The comprehensive products and services from the heater, maintenance, and engineering groups at Soken Tecnix Co., Ltd. meet customer needs of every type.
Since embarking on manufacture and sale in 1952, we have supplied our heat-transfer to many thousands of customers.

Free heat-transfer-fluid analysis: a recommended service

As part of our after-sales service plan, we provide free sample analyses of our heat-transfer fluids in use.
To safeguard the stable operation of the customer’s equipment, we recommend a yearly sample test to assess the deterioration of the heat-transfer fluid in use.

History of SK-OIL

The history of SK-OIL can be traced back to 1952 when Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd., forerunner of Soken Tecnix Co., Ltd., applied for a patent on its Japan's first heat transfer fluid SK-OIL260 and started manufacturing and sales of the product.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q&A for Customers
FAQs on heat transfer fluids


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