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it is soken tecnix to realize best solution of

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Plant Engineering


When SokenTecnix Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, it inherited a wealth of technology and know-how in plant engineering, one of the key operations of Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd. since its founding.
We take an active part in various industrial fields to enable us to provide outstanding engineering methods and production technologies to respond to the needs of clients and society.


・Synthetic resin plants
・Pressure-sensitive adhesives・bonding adhesives plants
・Paint and varnish・print ink production plants
・Electronic industry material production plants
・Hot oil heat transfer systems
・Highly viscous liquid handing systems
・Vacuum impregnation systems
・Organic synthesis, high-pressure reaction systems
・Gas-liquid contactor
・High-vacuum distillation systems
・Particulate handing systems
・Offsite systems – utility facilities, storage facilities, loading and unloading facilities


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