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it is soken tecnix to realize best solution of

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Original Unit

Original Unit

Generated from a shop floor process.

We have inherited several original products and systems from one of the factories of Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd., a company with a proven track record spanning back many years.

Product Introduction

Hi-F Mixer (for a wide range of viscosities)  -Patented-

Hi-F Mixer

Hi-F Mixer has a unique impeller to realize high mixing performance for a wide range of viscosities .

Hi-F Mixer for Drums -Patented-

Hi-F Mixer for Drums

Hi-F Mixer for Drums delivers optimal mixing performance within a drum. Foaming and poor mixing problems are eliminated.

Batch plant control system (BACCS)

Batch plant control system (BACCS)

BACCS is an advanced batch plant control system for implementing the requirements of plant users.
BACCS consists of [PC], [PLC], [Touch Panel].

Flanged-Type Precision Reaction Torquemeter for Agitator

Flanged-Type Precision Reaction Torquemeter for Ag

This torquemeter can be directly installed on the flange of an agitator.
This torquemeter can measure stirring torque for various types of process control.

Orifice type/ New Slit type   Reflux Distributor -Patented-

The reflux systems (timer solenoid-operated valve type, flow meter valve control system, and so on) from before have been beset with a number of problems (mechanical, distribution accuracy, etc.)
Our Orifice type/ New Slit type Reflux Distributer is designed with several improvements to solve these problems.


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