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Product Introduction


NeoSK-OIL1400 is a -30℃~350℃ high-temperature liquid-phase heat-transfer fluid.

NeoSK-OIL1400, the most widely used of Soken Tecnix’s heat-transfer fluids, has outstanding thermal stability. It can be used at high temperature and low- to zero-pressure (boiling point: 391℃).

Feature of NeoSK-OIL1400

Operating Temperature range-30℃~350℃(bulk temperature)
safetyPlease see the MSDS provided.
CausticityNon corrosive

Typical properties

Boiling point391℃
Pour point<-30℃
Flash point212℃
Auto-ignition temperature500℃or more
Specific gravity (d15/4)1.04
Specific heat (at b.p.)2.7KJ/KgK
Volume expansion coefficient (15℃~350℃Av.)8.7×10-4cc/cc℃
Latent heat of vaporization (at b.p.)275KJ/Kg
Thermal conductivity150℃0.121W/mK
Vapor pressure150℃


・Please avoid using heat transfer fluids for any foods, medicine, etc. that will be human intake possibility.
・The content of this site is subject to change without previous notice.
・The representative values reported for physical properties are not the standard values at shipment.


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