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Hot Oil Heater

Netsubai-Kun (Simplified Heaters)

Netsubai-Kun (Simplified Heaters)

Two types are available in different thermal heat duty levels: 116 kW (0.1 million kcal/hr) and 232 kW (0.2 million kcal/hr)
Simplified boilers that can be used by unqualified personnel

Features of Netsubai-Kun

Designed to be installed outdoor as standard, enabling installation anywhere.

Simplified hot oil heaters featuring remarkable space-saving and outdoor installation
These simplified boilers do not require operator to have special qualification.

Netsubai-Kun has an integrated heat transfer fluid circulating pump.

(A separate circulating pump is optionally available).

Netsubai-Kun has an integrated expansion tank (type A).

A separate expansion tank (type B) should be used if a considerable amount of heat transfer fluid is contained in the overall system.

Compatible with Various Fuels

1. Standard gas fuels: 13A city gas, LPG, LNG
2. Standard liquid fuels: Kerosene, light oil, type A heavy oil

Specifications By Product Model

Standard heat dutykW116233
×106 kcal/hr0.10.2
Max service temperature300
Max service pressureMPa(G)0.98
Standard flow ratem3/hr812
Circulation PumpBuilding into
expansion tank40ℓnot40ℓnot
Applicable codeSimplified boiler
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